Free Use Backing Tracks


For you Dad.  Tears (2016-17)

For you Dad.  Tears (2018)

For you Dad.  Tears (2019)

Smoke at Sunset (2019)


Smoke at Sunset (2019)



Over the years people have been very generous in helping myself and others with our learning and playing by providing backing tracks.  As such I feel some desire to try, in some small way, to give back to this process and hope to help others as well.  I hope you find some of these helpful.  I hope you enjoy playing as much as I have as well.

This page contains several backing tracks that are available for public use.  They are available for to use for free, save the stipulation being that they not be repackaged or sold.  You can use them to record for yourself, and if you publish/post recordings that use them in any way then you are asked to reference this web page and Anderson Lake Blues Project (ALBP).  It is fine if you use them for live performances (paid or not) so long as you reference them in some way as well.

They recorded using a DD55 electronic drum set, Blues Deluxe Reverb Reissue (Guitars and Bass), MIM HH Strat, Fernandez bass and Blacktop HH Jag.  All parts are miced using a Heil PR-30.  There are no outside clips used here these are all recorded live in Sonar X1 using a reverb plug-in and some compression in the final mixdown they are as they were played.  I wanted to keep a live plaer feel, so they are not quartized or otherwise tweaked. 

These are all variations on a 12 bar format with some more classic rock, others country and some more traditional blues.  They are designed to allow reasonably easy editing to allow you to get the lenghts you want with the endings somewat varied as well to allow you to finish out as you see fit.

Some are located on my Youtube page: drpietrzak on Youtube

These are in MP3 variable rate format.  

Bongo in A

Bumpkin in A

Bounce in A

Riley in Bb

Rockin in F

Easy in G

Stony Way in E

C9 Rocky in C

Highway in D

Mellow in G

DaDaDa in G

Bass in G

Mourning on D